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We offer a comprehensive WordPress security service to individuals, small companies and large enterprises. This service is designed to ensure that your websites are properly secured against attacks from malware, spyware and hackers. It is important to take steps to protect your WordPress web content from outside interference and malware if you want to provide visitors to your sites with a smooth, uninterrupted user experience at all times, and we can help you to achieve this aim.

Whether you are managing a couple of personal blogs or a host of commercial sites, our team can perform a detailed security audit of your sites, identifying and rectifying any weak spots in your defenses and making sure that you are well protected in the future. We have many years of experience with WordPress security so our in-house experts are quickly able to spot potential weaknesses and apply effective fixes that will prevent future problems.

Brute Force Protection

We change your login URL, power solid passwords, set up a firewall, and initiate robotized IP blocking so no one can compel their way into your site. Brute force protection is necessary for large sites with very secure data.

Malware Scan

Your site is consequently filtered every day for known and new malware, any type of malevolent code, and potential indirect accesses. On the off chance that our sweeps discover anything, we will fix any documents changed by programmers.

Weekly Theme and Plugin Scan

We will schedule your theme and plugin scanning to make sure that the basic core files to match the original files in the WordPress repository. We will check the status of themes and plugins to update.

Real-time Monitoring

We monitor websites form hack attempts in real-time. We will respond to the security issues on time and make security measures accordingly. We will respond separately to threats individually.

Block Fake Crawlers

Some malware codes have a feature to fake out the systems by presenting themselves a google bot’s we know the difference and how to stop them to penetrate into your system.

Database Protection

Our security experts will secure your database from SQL injection attacks, which add suspicious content in DB. This is a common attack that we simply donot tolerate.

SSL Certificate

We will help you in the installation of an SSL certificate. We make sure that URL will start with https, all the data on your site will be encrypted and your visitors will feel safe and secure.

Website Backup and Restoration

We will schedule your backups and they will be saved daily on your server. If anything happens, we have your core files and database stored remotely for easy access and 1-click back-up.

Force Secure Passwords

We do a full manual review of administrator client names to ensure it’s almost outlandish for a bot to obtain entrance through an animal power assault. We’ll likewise require every single new client to utilize solid passwords rather than powerless ones.

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